9 Best Hands-Free Shoes Options for Elderly People

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Shoes show the individuality of a person. Apart from providing comfort and ease in daily life, comfortable shoes are an important part of a person’s dress code these days. People of all ages wear shoes according to their needs and comfort. Children and youngsters often prefer shoes that are stylish and easy on the eyes but as we age, we start to give more preference to comfort rather than style.

For this reason, elderly people start to wear hands-free shoes as they provide more comfort and are easy to put on and take off. As people age, sometimes they become unable to do some simple tasks on their own like putting on shoes. It causes them to depend on someone’s assistance every time they want to put their shoes on. It can cause inconvenience for other people as well as cause a sense of dependency in elderly people.

For this reason, elderly people must use hands-free shoes which they can easily put on and take off. Today in this article we are going to provide you a list of 9 best hands-free shoes for seniors that are comfortable as well as stylish. Today in this article we are discussing 9 best hands-free shoes for seniors

Women’s Slip-On Walking Shoes with Mesh and Air Cushion

Are you looking for easy-to-put-on shoes for seniors that are comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and, breathable? Then these women’s slip-on walking shoes are the perfect choice for you and your loved ones. These shoes are available in 31 colors and are perfect for daily activities including jogging, gardening, walking, and, working. These shoes are also ideal for people who work mostly by standing. These shoes are also wear-resistant and non-slippery. These shoes have MD+ air cushion soles that make these the perfect ones for your loved ones.

Women’s slip-on shoes

Women’s Slip-On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Sneakers

These lightweight and comfortable shoes allow you to move freely and bring a positive change in the lives of your elders. For this reason, these shoes are the best hands-free shoes for your loved ones. It uses air cushion technology that provides elasticity and lightness. This shoe is available in 17 different colors and has a premium rubber sole that makes it non-slippery. It is made of smooth and breathable fabric.

Men’s Slip-on Go Max-Athletic Air Mesh Walking Sneaker

These comfortable, stylish, and, slip-resistant Max-Athletic shoes are perfect for your elder loved ones as these shoes have a sole made of rubber that makes them durable. The extra padded heels of this shoe make it more comfortable for elders and can help them walk more easily and without feeling any pain. These shoes are washable and also not very expensive.

Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneakers for Men

These slip-on sneakers have a memory foam that makes them comfortable. Its east design makes it comfortable to wear and your elders can put these shoes on easily like a sock. The elastic fabric panels of these shoes make their fitting perfect by allowing the shoes to fit according to the shape of the feet. This shoe is relaxing and perfect for diabetic patients. These shoes have a lightweight midsole.

Equalizer slip-on sneakers

Men’s Canvas House Slippers, Men’s Slippers with Arch Support

These shoes are the best hands-free shoes for seniors. These waterproof and durable slippers are ideal for elders as these shoes are skin friendly and keep the feet dry and warm. The design of the toe box allows the feet to relax and naturally spread out. The finest material used in the making of these shoes helps reduce fatigue. It has a lightweight midsole and supports every pressure point on the foot.

Madison Sneaker for Women

These Dr. Scholl’s sneakers have a thick rubber sole to provide support and comfort to the feet. These shoes have a deep heel cup, arch support, and, cushioning. The flexible side panels make it easy to put on and take off these shoes. Your elder ones can easily put on or take off these shoes without any help. These shoes are lightweight and come in a variety of styles including bold camo, leather designs, and, many more.

Go Walk 4 – Pursuit Performance Women’s Walking Shoes

This shoe provides style as well as comfort and is the perfect easy-on shoe for seniors. These shoes are lightweight and easy to put on which means your loved ones can easily put on and take off these shoes without any assistance. These shoes provide perfect grip and are ideal for people living in cold climates.

Go Walk 4 – Pursuit shoes

Expected Gomel Slip-On Loafer for Men

This shoe is a beautiful blend of sportswear and casual style. These shoes are extremely comfortable and machine washable. It has a memory foam footbed and flexible rubber sole that provide comfort and durability. These shoes have mesh panels with a knitted-in cooling effect. The elastic of the shoes ensures perfect fitting of the shoe around the foot.

Porter Vamen Slip-On Loafer for Men

If you are looking for the best shoes for your elder loved ones that provide comfort as well as durability then these shoes are ideal for you. This shoe has a rubber sole and is waterproof. These are breathable and ideal for healing foot and heel pain. It has a wide-toe box and air-cooled memory foam.


Seniors that suffer from mobility issues and have difficulty in walking and other tasks require special shoes that are easy to use as well as comfortable. They require extra comfortable shoes that they can easily put on and take off and also do not hurt their feet. The right pair of easy slip-on shoes for seniors can help to reduce fatigue and make daily tasks easier for them. These shoes can also provide a sense of independence as elders can easily put on and take off these shoes on their own. This can give them confidence and increase their morale. Our hands-free shoes for seniors list provides a basic overview of all the best available which can help you to find the best shoes for your elderly loved ones.