Benefits of using Steri-drapes during Surgical and Medical Procedures

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Medical procedures are often complex and involve several pieces of equipment and techniques. The purpose of using these techniques or equipment is to assist the medical staff in the treatment of the patients and also ensure their safety of the patients. Surgeries are the most complex medical procedures that involve high risks for the patients as well as for the medical staff.

The chances of getting an infection for the patient or the medical staff are quite high during surgeries as these involve handling body fluids including blood and other secretions. To reduce the chances of any potential infection for the patients and medical staff, steri drapes are used. These drapes not only help to protect the patient but also ensure the safety of the medical staff throughout the surgical or medical procedure. Today we are going to discuss what these drapes are and their benefits.


Why are steri-drapes used?

During surgeries, the patients and the medical staff are exposed to body fluids that may include infection-causing germs. These germs can be a cause of several infections as well as diseases including Hepatitis and HIV. These infections and diseases can cause unnecessary suffering and additional finances for treatment. Therefore it is highly important to do all one can to minimize the chances of transferring any infection and disease. Steri drapes are surgical drapes that help to prevent contact with unprepared surfaces during surgeries. These drapes help to maintain the sterility of the medical equipment, patient’s surroundings, and, environmental surfaces. By maintaining sterility during the surgeries, these drapes help greatly to protect the patients and medical staff from the transfer of harmful germs that might become a cause of an infection.

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The benefits of using steri drapes during medical and surgical procedures

Steri drapes are used primarily for the purpose of increasing sterility during surgeries and decreasing the chances of anyone, whether the patient or medical staff, getting an infection. Apart from this, these steri drapes provide several benefits. Some of the benefits steri drapes provide during surgical and medical procedures are listed below.

  • Decreased risk of infection

The primary purpose for using steri drapes is to minimize the risks of infection. The chances of getting surgical site infections during surgeries are often high as patients and medical staff are exposed to blood or any infectious material that can cause infection. It is estimated that nearly 300,000 surgical site infections occur annually. The cost of treating these infections and the threat these infections might cause to the lives of people make preventing infections a basic need during surgeries and other medical procedures. Steri drapes are antimicrobial drapes that assist in keeping bacteria away from the patient’s skin or the skin of the medical team. In this way, steri drapes help greatly to decrease the risks of infection.

  • Better absorption of spills and spatters

Steri drapes are absorbent throughout the entire drape which makes it super absorbent and also decreases the risks associated with spills and spatters during surgical procedures. These drapes help to prevent the penetration of liquids and thus help to maintain sterility and prevent infections.

Steri drapes include adhesive strips that help to keep the drape tight and secure in its place. It is highly significant that the drape remains in its place during the entire surgical procedure to help prevent contamination. For this reason, steri drapes help to cover the patient’s skin, in particular the wound edges, covered during the surgical procedure and maintain sterility throughout the procedure.

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  • Versatility in shapes and sizes

Steri drapes come in a wide range including several sizes. These drapes are available in smaller as well as larger sizes for any medical procedure and surgery. Additionally, you can also get specialized shapes and sizes in steri drapes for other needs. Due to this wide range of variety, steri drapes are the best choice for any medical procedure.

  • Prevention from fluid strikethrough

The reliability of any surgical drape depends greatly on its ability to control moisture. A surgical drape should be able to absorb moisture including blood or any other fluid. As steri drapes provide a reliable method for moisture control, these drapes help greatly to prevent penetration of blood or any other body fluid that might cause an infection.

  • Low-linting fabric material

Steri drapes are made of a fabric material that is soft, lightweight, non-irritating, and, lint-free. It is highly significant that surgical drapes used for surgeries or other medical procedures must be made of lint-free fabric as any fibers or lint entered into the wound can cause complications for the patients. If any lint enters the surgical site it can cause infections, inflammation, blood clot, and, poor wound healing. Apart from this, these fibers can cause the transfer of airborne substances into the surgical site. The lint-free fabric used in the manufacturing of steri drapes makes it impossible for any fiber to get into the surgical wound and consequently helps to reduce complications.

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Surgical drapes



Blood and other body fluids can pose a threat to the safety of the patients and the medical staff during surgeries and other medical procedures. To ensure the safety of all, steri drapes are used that help to minimize the chances of infection by covering the wound and maintaining sterility. Apart from this, these drapes are available in several sizes and shapes and can also be manufactured specifically for different surgeries. These drapes provide an excellent method for moisture management and are highly absorbent which makes it easy for the medical staff as they do not need to fear spills and spatter. Also, the fabric that is used to manufacture these drapes is highly comfortable for the patients and is also lint-free which makes it the best option for surgical drapes. Due to the numerous benefits steri drapes provide, these drapes are the best choice for any surgical procedure and can help greatly to save the patients and the medical staff.

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