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People who are elderly or are suffering from a chronic medical condition, require long-term care in the path of full recovery. Among such individuals, many are sent home with prescriptions and medical advice due to no necessity for hospitalization. These home-based subjects need specially designed medical homecare equipment as well as supplies on a daily basis. Multiple healthcare firms, like Drive Medical, are concentrated on fabricating medical supplies that provide ease and comfort to patients while at home. Let us take a look at the notable products of Drive Medical and their subsequent utilization.

Care is being provided to an elderly at home
Care is being provided to an elderly at home

Drive Medical-An Introduction  

Drive Medical or Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is a US-based manufacturing company that has become one of the leading brands in the medical industry. The company specializes in manufacturing high quality durable medical equipment for home care. As the stated mission of the company indicates, the vision behind the designing and development of these homecare products is to increase patient’s independence and subsequently their quality of life.

Homecare Products by Drive Medical

The following are some of the homecare products by Drive Medical:

   ● AirFold Pro Carbon Fibre Scooter

The AirFold Pro carbon fiber is a foldable, sleek, and slimeline scooter. It is adjustable in height and can be controlled with a remote control. With its multiple features, the scooter only weighs 20 kg which makes it easy to carry and enhances portability. Its auto-folding feature makes it become compact within 20 seconds.

Moreover, this folding action is completed in two stages to ensure the device is not folded accidentally. With a maximum speed of 4 mph, the AirFold scooter also has a turning radius of 140 cm. With a lithium-ion airline-friendly removable battery, the device also has a weight capacity of 125 kg.

   ● Drive Medical Suction Pump

Drive Medical suction pump is a portable, heavy-duty aspirator for home-based use. It includes 800 cc suction canisters along with a 6-inch long suction tube. A 10-inch long suction canister tube is also provided with the device. A hydrophobic filter as well as a plastic elbow connector in addition to manual vacuum levels up to 560 mmHg are present.

   ● Aquajoy Value Bathlift

Aquajoy value bath lift is a battery-operated lightweight equipment. The weight limit of the device is 140 kg despite its own weight of 9.3 kg. The equipment can be separated into two lightweight sections which ease fitting, lifting, storage, as well as transport. The device is ideal for shallow baths and also has a front cut area which enhances personal hygiene.

Moreover, the Aquajoy bath lift is fully waterproof and has a floatable hand control. The buttons to control the equipment are light-touch with a specially installed emergency stop button. With an appropriate price range, the devices are one of the best homecare items.

   ● All Purpose Perching Stool with Adjustable Arms

All Purpose perching stool with adjustable arms is constructed using white powder-coated steel and has high durability as well as comfort. The armrests are removable and easily portable. The non-slip, stable seat is padded with vinyl and also has a backrest for extra comfort. Storage, cleaning, and maintenance of All Purpose perching stool is easy. The height adjustment feature makes the device suitable for all.  

Medical equipment being employed for day-to-day mobility
Medical equipment being employed for day-to-day mobility

   ● Hammock Style Sling

Hammock style sling is a device particularly designed to lift and locomote individuals who are either unable to move by themselves or are amputees. The sling also provides stability to the neck region so has greater suitability for the elderly. The device can be attached to the patient’s bed and is usually prepared using polyester.

Different sizes of the hammock sling are available which are color-coded for identification. These include extra-large (Blue), large (Green), medium (Yellow), and small (Red). The color-coded sling positions on each sling aid the positioning of the loops. The weight limit of the hammock-style sling is 200 kg.

   ● Hand Trolley with Attendant Brakes

Drive Medical hand trolley is a robust and durable homecare item. It is affixed with attendant brakes which are lockable and also contain clip-on plastic shelves. The lip around the edges of the shelves helps prevent the slipping of the items.

Due to its simple design, it is easy to clean and maintain the hand trolley. The top trays are for the purpose of having meals with comfort while the bottom tray facilitates walking without tripping. The cost of the product is also easily affordable.

   ● Deluxe Over Bed Tables

Drive Medical deluxe tables are designed to be used as over-bed tables for bed-ridden patients. These tables can be used with a chair as well and can be tilted. The product is lightweight and portable.

Height is adjustable and can be used in multiple ways based on the patient’s needs. 4 castors attached to the table facilitate easy positioning and the brakes provide extra stability. It is easy to clean and maintain and can be stored in the minimum space.

A senior citizen using mobility aid
A senior citizen using mobility aid

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Drive Medical is one of the leading medical companies when it comes to purchasing homecare products. With an aim to provide comfort and safety to the patients while being at home, the company has been fabricating, modifying, and elevating their designs to make room for further improvements.

A wide variety of mobility aid, respiratory products, homecare furniture, and walking aid is available. In addition, suitable prices of the items make them even more approachable for consumers. Special focus should be given to purchasing medical equipment from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 as only good quality equipment can pave the way towards improved healthcare.

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