From Sprays to Gels: Our Comprehensive Range of Hand Sanitizers

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Did you know that a person can die just from flu? You heard it right. Flu has been responsible for around 10 million illnesses, 4.9 million medical visits, 110,000 hospitalizations, and 9,500 deaths in the US alone only in the past 3 months. If this sounds frightening, imagine the annual burden caused by these ‘minor’ illnesses on the patients, hospitals, as well as the health economy. Fortunately, many of these diseases are preventable by adopting simple measures. Health experts recommend the use of face masks and hand sanitizers to reduce your chances of getting sick, especially during the winter season. It is good to have these products in your home so that you can enjoy your holidays without being under the weather. Speaking of which, here is a compilation of the best and most effective gel and spray hand sanitizers available in the US. Let us take a look.

Gel hand sanitizer being used by a consumer
Gel hand sanitizer being used by a consumer

Statistics Regarding Seasonal Flu-like Infections in the US in December 2023

During this last week of December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a significant increase in influenza-like illnesses throughout the country. These illnesses are inclusive of health issues caused due to agents such as influenza A(H1N1), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), as well as COVID-19. The numbers are particularly high in the South Central, Southeast, and West Coast states.

Hand Sanitizers Uses

Hand sanitizers are solutions that are used to effectively kill the germs present on your hands. By doing so, one can avoid transferring them to one’s nasal or oral cavity which can further lead to the start of an infection. It is a good practice to use sanitizer in public spaces where access to soap and water is not available. Therefore, one should always keep a gel or spray-based sanitizer with them. When it comes to purchasing them, Health Supply 770 is the best place to do so. Let us take a look at their comprehensive range of hand sanitizers.

Use of hand sanitizers at home for the prevention of infectious illnesses
Use of hand sanitizers at home for the prevention of infectious illnesses

Hand Sanitizers: Brands and Specifications

Among multiple brands which manufacture and market hand sanitizers, the following are considered one of the best items in terms of efficacy as well as cost:

● McKesson Premium Hand Sanitizer

McKesson premium hand sanitizer is a product that comes in the form of a gel with added aloe vera in it which gives the consumer a pleasant smell along with well-nourished skin. The active ingredient is ethyl alcohol with a 70% strength. The product is available in 8 ounce size which is easy to carry in a handbag or pocket. The price is also affordable and justified in terms of the product’s efficacy. In addition, none of the container material contains rubber latex so the product is safe to use in people with sensitive skin.  

● Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer by Purell Advanced comes in a refreshing gel form and is also ethyl alcohol-based. It also has a soothing odor which seems pleasant and persists for longer. According to the labeled claim, the product can wipe away 99.9% of the germs from your hands after a single use. Moreover, the strength is again 70% and a single packing contains 16 ounces of the sanitizer gel.

● Avagard D Instant Hand Sanitizer by 3M

Avagard D instant hand sanitizer is a product of 3M and works instantaneously against germs, as the name suggests, as soon as it is applied. The product is also rich with added moisturizers for smooth skin which nourish the skin tissue while removing microbes. The strength of the ethyl alcohol solution is 61% and the product comes in 88 ml packaging.

● Purell Singles Hand Sanitizer Gel Sachets

Purell, apart from its wide range of bottled hand sanitization gels, also manufactures singles. These are the travel-size packs containing an amount of sanitization gel which is to be used at a single time. These are perfect for traveling as well as for day-to-day use as they can easily fit into pockets, wallets, cell phone cases, and the smallest handbags. Moreover, these singles are ideal for use in cars as well. These are easy to use and leave the user with a long-lasting refreshing scent.   

● Purell Gel-Based Hand Sanitizer with Aloe and Vitamin E

This product from Purell has the added advantage of having vitamin E in it. Being known for its anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory activities, vitamin E assists ethyl alcohol in its antimicrobial function. Along with this essential action, it also provides strength to the skin tissue and keeps it super moisturized.

A healthcare professional using a spray hand sanitizer before a medical procedure
A healthcare professional using a spray hand sanitizer before a medical procedure

The hand sanitizers mentioned in this article, along with many other medical supplies, can be purchased from Health Supply 770, a reliable name when it comes to medical products. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and provide your products to you in the shortest possible time. Click the link at the end of the article to check the wide range of hand sanitizers on the website.


No doubt, the winter season comes with happiness and joy. However, with the start of chilly weather, an expected rise in flu-like illnesses can be seen every year. These illnesses surge the number of hospitalizations which puts more pressure on the healthcare system.

However, being preventable in nature, many of these illnesses can be completely avoided by taking small measures. One such measure is the use of hand sanitizers which effectively reduce the person-to-person transmission of infections. This way, one can be social and also avoid getting sick or transferring an infection to loved ones.

Keeping this in mind, it is good to have a sufficient amount of sanitizers and masks at home which can be ordered from trusted vendors like Health Supply 770. They have a wide range of healthcare supplies available on their website. Don’t wait any longer and place an order by clicking the following links.

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Purell Gel-Based Hand Sanitizer with Aloe and Vitamin E