Managing Diabetes with the Help of DME: Tools for a Healthier Lifestyle during American Diabetes Month

DME for diabetes
DME for diabetes
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As National Diabetes Month has started in the United States, seminars and campaigns, along with other awareness-raising activities, have been boosted. With the start of November, the month in which insulin was first discovered by Dr. Frederick Banting in the year 1921, people from all over the country are coming together to bring more attention to the causes, types, treatments, and management of diabetes. The agenda of the campaigns in 2023 is the prevention of health issues associated with diabetes. In this regard, people are advised to manage their blood sugar as well as insulin levels to avoid getting diabetes in the first place. Even if the disease has been diagnosed, proper management leads to a healthier lifestyle. Let us take a look at which DME can be employed to prevent or contain the prevalence of diabetes mellitus.

Awareness leads to better management of diabetes mellitus
Awareness leads to better management of diabetes mellitus

Statistics Regarding Diabetics in the US

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 11.3% of the US population have diabetes. It accounts for 37.3 million diabetic patients which include all age groups. Among these, 28.7 million are diagnosed while the rest i.e. 8.5 million have not been diagnosed yet. Almost all of these patients require some kind of intervention to manage their blood glucose levels (BGL) at a steady rate.

DME and Diabetes Management

When it comes to managing the fluctuating sugar and insulin levels of a diabetic patient, several kinds of durable medical equipment are utilized. All of these devices, when employed, play a significant part in improving the patient’s quality of life. There is a need to educate the patients about the use and efficacy of these devices. These diabetes management instruments include the following:


A glucometer, also known as blood glucose or sugar meter, is an electronic device that is intended to be used to measure a patient’s blood sugar level and identify when it is out of the normal range. It is portable and can be employed anywhere. To use a glucometer, one also requires a blood lancet which is used to prick the skin.

Once pricked, the blood is dropped on a diabetes test strip which is then inserted into the glucometer to get the result. Diabetic patients should always check their BGL whenever they experience the following symptoms as these can be an indication of high or low BGL:

● Lightheadedness

● Dizziness

● Nervousness

● Extreme hunger 

● Unexplained sweating

● Sleepiness

BGL being checked by employing a glucometer
BGL being checked by employing a glucometer

Roche Diagnostics Accu-Chek Glucometer along with test strips is a product of Roche Diabetes Care manufactured in the US. The device gives a highly accurate result and is easy to use. Furthermore, it is budget-friendly and can be easily carried along due to being lightweight and portable. Click the link at the end of the article to order from Health Supply 770. 

Insulin Administering Devices

As many diabetic patients need to inject insulin into their bodies on a regular basis, medical instruments are needed to do this job. Conventionally, insulin syringes have successfully been in use for over a decade.

However, in recent years, novel insulin delivery devices such as insulin pens, insulin pumps, insulin jets, etc. have been designed and marketed which accurately administer the peptide into the body at a specified time.

Moreover, the need to inject insulin via a needle which is often associated with pain as well as other side effects is also eliminated with the use of novel insulin-delivering devices. Insulin pen needles by Easy Comfort are available at HS 770. Order from the link at the end.

Ketone Test Strips

Our bodies are designed to extract energy from glucose, a carbohydrate molecule obtained from food. This glucose enters the cells from the bloodstream with the help of insulin where it gets metabolized and gives energy.

However, in diabetics, when either insulin is not present in sufficient concentrations or the cells are not reacting to its signal, the normal pattern of getting glucose into the cells is disrupted thus resulting in diminishing energy levels. In this case, the body starts the breakdown of fats instead of carbohydrates to get some energy to keep the system running.

As a result of this fat catabolism, a chemical substance called ketone is formed and released in the urine. Therefore, if a patient has a high ketone level in their urine, their diabetes is not in control. Ketone test strips, a fundamental DME for diabetes management, are employed to check ketone levels in the urine samples. A diabetic patient should always go for this test if the following are being experienced:

   ● Extreme tiredness

   ● Dryness of mouth

   ● Confusion

   ● Breathing difficulties

   ● BGL greater than 240 mg/dL

Diabetes Medical Alert Bracelets

Among the essential DME for diabetics, a medical alert bracelet comes in handy during an emergency as it can indicate the patient’s diabetic condition to the physician. These bracelets store the patient’s data including the amount of insulin being injected, types of allergies, as well as an emergency contact name and number. These bracelets are a great help especially if a patient is unconscious and requires immediate medical treatment.

Assorted DME for diabetes management
Diabetes management tools

A variety of DME, along with many other medical supplies, can be purchased from Health Supply 770, a reliable name when it comes to medical products. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and provide your products to you in the shortest possible time. Click the link at the end to explore more diabetes-related products.


November is the American Diabetes Month. As soon as it starts, awareness regarding diabetes is initiated using all possible platforms. With the conventional methods, multiple newer techniques have been introduced which help measure the BGL as well as keep it controlled by administering insulin at specified intervals. Diabetes, despite being a chronic disease, is not impossible to keep at bay. Rather, proper management of the condition can result in a quality lifestyle with minimum side effects.

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