Medline CarraKlenz Dermal Wound Cleanser Spray Bottle 16 Oz CRR102160

  • Medline CarraKlenz Dermal Wound Cleanser.
  • A Gentle Emulsifying Safe And Effective Solution For Removing Organic Material Debris And Dead Tissue From High, Medium, And Low Exudating Wounds.
  • Non-Irritating.
  • No Rinsing Necessary.
  • Does Not Delay Wound Healing.
  • In Optimum P.S.I. Range (12 P.S.I. At 6 – Inch Distance).
  • Spray Bottle.
  • 16 Ounces Per Bottle.
Package Includes:
  • You Get 1 Bottle With 16 Ounces