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100-247-144 Prophy Angles Disposable Soft

Product Description:


  • Disposable: Designed for single-use to minimize the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
  • Soft: The “soft” designation likely refers to the stiffness of the bristles or polishing cup attached to the angle. This is suitable for gentle cleaning, especially on sensitive teeth or areas with mild to moderate plaque and stain buildup.
  • Universal fit: May be compatible with various dental handpieces for ease of use.

How they are used:

  1. The dental professional attaches the prophy angle to a handpiece, which is a motorized device that rotates the angle.
  2. A polishing agent, such as a paste or powder, is applied to the prophy angle.
  3. The dentist or hygienist gently directs the rotating prophy angle against the teeth to remove plaque, debris, and stains from the tooth surface.