20Pc Medium Size C-Shape Mouth Opener Dental Cheek Lip Retractor Teeth Whitening


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  • Clear Color, C-Shape, Medium Size, Fit For Adults
  • Easy to Keep the mouth open and hands available for oral inspection and treatment
  • It works great for home teeth care, doesn’t stretch lips and you will not feel uncomfortable
  • Recyclable: Made from tough, eco-friendly, durable plastic to last long, helps give you an unobstructed view of the oral cavity, it’s ideal for extended use in dental offices and teeth whitening salons
  • Our EZGO transparent cheek retractor (mouth opener, lip retractor) can be used as a fun gift or game – watch your friends smile and laugh
Perfect for games. Features a sturdy, top-grade material that is recyclable, and that doesn’t react to thorough sterilization (immerse disinfection, high-temperature disinfection, etc). bleach does not change the color of the bleach, and it’s completely recyclable


100% brand new and high quality

Material: medical transparent plastic

Size: Medium (4.65*3.35*0.67inch)




*Made of medical quality polycarbonate.

*Great for home dentistry

*Reduce physicians and patients,strong flexibility

*Highly anastomosis with your mouth, to make sure the orthodontic treat successful

*Medical grade plastic retractors that help give you an unobstructed view of the oral cavity

*Compatible with the cold sterilization and the autoclave (<135 degree celsius)


Originally created for dental use, these “mouth openers” have become the inspiration for a hilarious new game that’s been going viral on the web. So whether for fun, for serious use, or for both, these are the “cheek and lip retractors” you need! Some people using home teeth whitening kits find that these retractors are much better than the usual trays for allowing you to apply the whitening compound to the teeth while keeping it off of the lips and gums.


Our EZGO brand teeth retractors are high quality, professional commodities made of tough, durable plastic. These reusable mouth openers can be sterilized in either cold method or autoclave (135°C). Bcs, These double span C type retractors keep your hands free for oral treatments such astooth whitening and have smooth edges for the patient’s maximum comfort.



Package Contents: 

20pcs (Medium Size) C-Shape Transparent Cheek Retractors