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Product Description:

  • Surgical Grade: Meets or exceeds ASTM D3577 and EN 455 standards for surgical gloves
  • Powder-Free: Minimizes risk of allergic reactions and airborne contamination
  • Textured Fingertips: Enhanced grip and dexterity
  • Good Tactile Sensitivity: Allows for precise hand movements
  • Durable and Puncture-Resistant: Protects against sharps injuries and tears
  • Ergonomic Design: Reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use
  • These gloves are designed for surgeons and healthcare professionals who seek a balance of comfort, durability, and dexterity while avoiding latex-related allergies.
  • The hybrid material likely offers:
    • Latex-Free: Safe for individuals with latex allergies
    • Soft and Flexible: Comfort and natural hand movement
    • Strong and Durable: Resists tears and punctures
    • Good Chemical Resistance: Protects against various chemicals and fluids