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Product Description:

  • Two-piece system: This means the pouch is separate from the skin barrier, allowing for easier pouch changes without removing the barrier from the skin.
  • Urostomy pouch: This pouch is specifically designed for collecting and storing urine output from a urostomy.
  • Drainable: The pouch has a drainable outlet that allows for emptying of urine.
  • Flange size: 1-3/4 inches (44.5 mm) – This is a smaller flange size suitable for a small stoma. Ensure this flange size is compatible with the corresponding flange on the skin barrier you are using to prevent leakage and skin irritation.
  • Small size: This refers to the size and capacity of the pouch, which is suitable for people with a lower output of urine.
  • Other potential features (not explicitly mentioned but common in Sur-Fit Natura line):
    • Anti-reflux valve: Helps prevent urine from flowing back up the ureter (tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder).
    • Comfort panels: Soft, fabric-like panels on the sides for comfort and discretion.
    • Belt tabs: Allow for attachment to an ostomy belt for added security.
    • Accuseal tap: This specific model might have an Accuseal tap, which is a type of drainable closure designed for ease of use and hygiene.

Intended use:

  • This pouch is designed to collect and store urine output from a urostomy with a small stoma size. It is not intended for self-use without proper medical guidance and training.