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Product Description:

  • Drainable: The pouch has a drainable outlet that allows for emptying of waste.
  • Flange size: 2-3/4 inches (70 mm) in diameter. This is the size of the adhesive area that sticks to the skin. Ensure your stoma size is measured accurately to prevent leakage and skin irritation.
  • Opaque: The pouch material is not transparent and does not allow visualization of the pouch content. This can be preferable for discretion.

Other potential features:

  • InvisiClose closure: This is a closure system designed for ease of use, security, and discretion.
  • Belt tabs: Allow for attachment to an ostomy belt for added security.
  • Anti-reflux valve (less likely): This feature is typically found in urostomy pouches to prevent urine from flowing back up the ureter. A colostomy or ileostomy pouch may not have this specific feature.
  • ComfortWear™ skin barrier (possible): The skin barrier material might be designed for comfort and wearability (usually sold separately).

Intended use:

  • This pouch is designed to collect and store drainage from an ostomy (type not explicitly specified but could be ileostomy or colostomy). It is not intended for self-use without proper medical guidance and training.