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Product Description:

System: Two-piece system (presumed)

  • This means the pouch is separate from the skin barrier, allowing for easier pouch changes without removing the barrier from the skin.


  • Designed for colostomies: This pouch is specifically designed to collect and store drainage from a colostomy, which typically consists of semi-solid waste.
  • Drainable: The pouch has a drainable outlet that allows for emptying of waste.
  • 14 Inch Length: This refers to the length of the pouch body, offering additional capacity for waste collection.
  • Transparent (assumed): While not always explicitly mentioned, colostomy pouches are often transparent to allow for visualization of the pouch content.

Other potential features:

  • ComfortWear™ skin barrier (possible): This may be a skin barrier material designed for comfort and wearability, likely used with this pouch as part of a two-piece system.
  • Tail closure (possible): This is a closure system at the bottom of the pouch that allows for secure emptying and sealing.
  • Noise-reducing material (possible): The pouch material might incorporate technology to minimize pouch noises.
  • Odor-barrier material (possible): The pouch material might incorporate technology to reduce odor.

Intended use:

  • This pouch is designed to collect and store waste output from a colostomy. It is not intended for self-use without proper medical guidance and training.