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Product Description:

System: Two-piece system (presumed)

  • This means the skin barrier is separate from the pouch, allowing for easier pouch changes without removing the barrier from the skin.


  • Cut-to-Fit flange: The skin barrier has a flange (the adhesive part that sticks to the skin) that can be trimmed to fit your stoma size. Accurate stoma measurement is crucial to ensure a proper fit and prevent leakage or skin irritation.
  • Stomahesive® adhesive: This adhesive is designed to be gentle on peristomal skin (the skin around your stoma).
  • Small size: This designation likely refers to the size range of the flange, suitable for stomas up to a certain diameter. Unfortunately, the exact diameter range isn’t explicitly mentioned.
  • Possible features (not confirmed but common in Esteem synergy line):
    • Landing zone flange: A designated area on the flange for secure attachment of the pouch.
    • Flexible: May conform to body curves for increased comfort.

Intended use:

  • This skin barrier is designed to protect the skin around your stoma and provide a secure base for attaching a drainable or closed-end pouch (not included) as part of a two-piece ostomy system. It is not intended for self-use without proper medical guidance and training.