50 Pcs White KF94 Protective 4 Layer Face Mask BFE 95% Disposable Face Cover


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KF94 Face Mask 4 Layers Respirators Protective Covers 50pcs
【Breathable & Soft & Comfortable】The 4-Layer Non-Woven face mask has 4 layers, which can not only block the splashing liquid in the air and the particles in the air, but also smoothly exhaust the hot air by breathing
【4-Ply Filtеr Face Mask】Outer non-wowen fabric, 2 layer Middle electrostatic cotton layer and Inner defense cloth
【Thickened Ear Loops & Good Sealing Performance 】On the premise of ensuring comfort, the upgraded elastic ear loops we adopt are stronger and firmer than ordinary ear hooks, which not only can it reduce pressure to your ears, but also services longer. Plus, the unique structure and the adjustable nose wire can improve the air permeability to bring you a softer and smoother feeling in longtime wearing, allowing you easily breathing with low resistance.
【3D Flexible Mask Design】It’s supported like a bracket, no matter the height of your nose, it can be perfectly matched. Excellent support prevents glasses from slipping off, and good sealing performance can prevent fogging. By wearing this new face bandana, you’re able to maintain a delicate makeup, easy to maintain a good image.
【ELASTIC EAR LOOP & STYLISH 】Elastic adujustable ear loop to secure the cover in place and customized face-fit for kids/adult. Perfect cover the nose to the chin in all day comfort, also keep look stylish.
【Size】About 8.1″ x 3.15″ / 21cm x 8cm.
【Package Content】10 masks in a resealable pouch (packaging offers convenient use) .
  • Place mask over nose and mouth
  • Place each cord around your ears
  • Adjust the nose clip for the best fit
  • Pull the edge of the mask up and down to ensure there is a tight fit