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610-BK-02 Articulating Paper Red Strips 200 Microns .008 300/pk. – Bausch, Pack of 2

Product Description:


  • Pre-cut strips: Convenient for immediate use and come in a dispenser box for easy access.
  • Red color: Provides clear and easily identifiable markings on teeth
  • Thin design: Allows for accurate detection of even the slightest bite discrepancies
  • Progressive color transfer: The intensity of the mark indicates pressure; lighter marks mean less pressure, darker marks mean more pressure

How it’s used:

  1. The dentist places a strip of articulating paper between the patient’s upper and lower teeth.
  2. The patient bites down gently.
  3. The dentist removes the paper and analyzes the red marks left on the teeth.
  4. These marks indicate areas of contact and pressure points, allowing the dentist to assess the patient’s bite (occlusion).