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77182 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 80ct Lemon & Lime Scent

Product Description:

  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria: Effective against various common household germs, including cold and flu viruses, when used as directed.
  • Disinfects and cleans in one step: Saves time and effort by combining cleaning and disinfection in a single wipe.
  • Lemon & Lime Blossom scent: Provides a fresh scent.
  • Pre-moistened: Convenient to use, no need for additional cleaning solutions.
  • Durable and textured: Wipes are designed to be strong and effective for cleaning various surfaces.
  • Safe for multiple surfaces: Can be used on a variety of hard, non-porous surfaces, including countertops, appliances, doorknobs, and toys.