7pc Tactical Black Diagnostic Kit, Tuning Forks, Taylor Hammer, Bandage Scissors


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Asatechmed Set of 7 pcs Diagnostic Set, Patient Assessment Kit – Reflex Percussion Kit 
 Taylor Percussion Hammer + Body Measuring Tape + Tuning Fork Set + Lister Bandage Scissors 5.5″ + Penlight + Snellen Eye Chart w/ Case

The AsaTechmed Reflex Percussion + Diagnostic Kit is made for students and medical professionals. 
This medical diagnostic set is perfect for practicing and completing neurological assessments as well as other physical reflex tests.

We believe that accurate assessments are important, which is why we designed this 7pc Diagnostic Reflex Percussion Kit for Medical, Nursing, EMT, PA CNA and RNA students so that they can be familiar with all methods of diagnosis, efficiently. 

Let us at AsaTechmed help you save for your future by providing you with this affordable but quality kit. 
We do not compromise value and quality with the price. 
Made of durable corrosion resistant Stainless Steel.
» Taylor Reflex Percussion Hammer: Strong and comfortable reflex hammer used to practice assessing knees and other joints in diagnostic exams.
» 5.5″ Stainless Steel Lister Bandage Scissors: Durable and sharp scissors angled to effectively cut through fabric, clothing, bandages and other tough restrictive materials. 
» C512 Tuning Fork: Popular tuning / vibrating fork designed to be used on the Rinne and Weber hearing tests. Precise and dependable results.
» C128 Tuning Fork: Widely used tuning fork with fixed weights for accurate diagnostic examinations.
» Retractable Body Measuring Tape: Soft fiber material measuring tape with In/Cm on each side. Flexible, durable + light weight. Portable and easy to carry, press button to retract.
» Snellen Pocket Eye Chart: Popular eye chart that can be used to measure visual acuity. Pupil gauge chart + red / green color vision test lines. Easy to use and hang.
» LED Pupil gauge penlight: Disposable penlight with sealed concentric beam and pinpoint lens to illuminate the eyes, ears, and throat. Dual-function pocket clip for portability and for activating the light. Concave head reduces chances of drop breakage.