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Product Description:

  • Intermittent Catheter: This is a catheter for temporary insertion into the bladder to drain urine.
  • Guide Strip: A blue strip along the length of the catheter might help with positioning the tip during insertion and removal for easier use.
  • Coude Tip: This refers to a curved tip on the catheter that aids in navigating the urethra’s natural curve during insertion.
  • Olive Tip: The rounded tip of the catheter may improve comfort during insertion.
  • Funnel End: A wider end at the tip for easier connection to a collection bag.
  • Latex-Free: This catheter does not contain latex, which is important for people with latex allergies.
  • Size: 16 Fr: This refers to the diameter of the catheter. Generally, a higher Fr number indicates a larger diameter catheter. Consult a healthcare professional to determine the appropriate size for you.

Intended use: