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Product Description:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connects wirelessly to the VivaGuard Diabetes Management App on your smartphone for data tracking, analysis, and potential sharing with your healthcare provider (app may require separate download).
  • Small blood sample size: Requires a tiny blood sample (typically 0.8 microliters), potentially reducing finger prick discomfort.
  • Fast results: Provides blood sugar readings in 5 seconds.
  • No coding technology: Eliminates the need to manually enter a code for each test strip, simplifying testing.
  • Memory function: Stores up to 900 blood sugar readings with date and time for easy tracking.
  • Multiple averaging options: Calculates average blood sugar levels for various time periods (e.g., 7, 14, 30 days) to provide insights into your blood sugar control.
  • Ketone warning: This feature might be helpful in identifying potential diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious complication (consult your healthcare professional for interpretation and appropriate action).
  • Hypo warning: Alerts you for low blood sugar levels.


    • Blood Sugar Monitoring: The meter with its small blood sample size, fast results, and no-coding technology can contribute to a more convenient testing experience.
    • Data Tracking and Insights: The Bluetooth connectivity, memory function, and averaging options allow you to track blood sugar trends and identify areas for improvement in your diabetes management plan.
    • Potential for Improved Diabetes Management: Sharing your data with your healthcare provider through the app (if applicable) can facilitate informed decisions about your diabetes care.