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AM128G Allison Medical Syringe 28G 1cc 1/2″ (100/Box)(22-8010)

Product Description:

  • Needle gauge: 28G (thin needle) – suitable for injections requiring a small volume of medication and potentially reducing discomfort during injection.
  • Capacity: 1cc (1 milliliter) – suitable for delivering small to moderate volumes of medication.
  • Needle length: 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) – appropriate for various injection sites depending on the medication and healthcare professional’s guidance.
  • Quantity: 100 syringes per box – cost-effective option for individuals or medical facilities with frequent injection needs.
  • Disposable and sterile: Ensures safety and hygiene by preventing the spread of infections.
  • Clear, bold gradations: Allow for accurate measurement of medication dosage.
  • Oversized finger grip: Provides better control and comfort during injection.
  • Lubricated needle: May further reduce discomfort during injection.