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Product Description:

  • Dry suction regulation: Allows for precise adjustment of suction pressure via a fingertip control, minimizing risks of lung tissue damage.
  • Calibrated water seal: Visually displays the amount of negative pressure applied and warns of air leaks through its bubbling mechanism.
  • Knock-over protection: Internal chambers prevent fluid spills in case the device is tipped over, enhancing patient safety.
  • Full-view graduated water seal: Makes air leak detection and assessment quicker and easier.
  • Large handle and flexi-hangers: Facilitates convenient handling and bedside positioning of the drain.
  • High negative and positive pressure relief valves: Protect the patient from potential complications like over-drainage or pneumothorax due to sudden pressure changes.
  • Large graphics and removable slide clamp: Allow for fast and accurate drainage assessment and easy cleaning.