BD #245240 Test Kit BBL™ Crystal™ Microbial Identification BX/1

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Test Kit BBL™ Crystal™ Microbial Identification Gram-Positive Identification Isolated Colonies / Culture Sample 20 Tests


  • The BD BBL™ Crystal™ identification system is a miniaturized identification system that requires only one step for inoculation
  • The BD BBL Crystal GP ID panels contain 29 dried biochemical and enzymatic substrates
  • A bacterial suspension in the inoculum fluid is used for rehydration of the substrates
  • Once inoculated, the panels provide a safe and easy-to-handle closed system
  • Lids are individually packaged and must be stored unopened in a refrigerator
  • Bases are packaged in two sets of ten, in BD BBL Crystal incubation trays
  • BD BBL Crystal Inoculum Fluid (IF) is packaged in two sets of ten tubes
  • The Crystal panels may be read manually or with the BBL Crystal AutoReader