BD 305271 Integra Safety Syringe w/Ndl 3ml 23 Gauge 1 Inch 400/CS


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BD 305271 Integra Safety Syringe w/Ndl 3ml 23 Gauge 1 Inch 400/CS

BD Integra Syringe with Retracting BD PrecisionGlide Needle

305271 – 3 mL BD Integra Retracting Safety Syringe with 23 G x 1 in. Needle with BD Tru-Lok Technology, Sterile, Single use

The BD Integra Retracting Syringe with detachable needle provides the benefit of low white space, which is important in reducing medication waste and costs. With Tru-Lok technology, the BD Integra syringe is designed to have significantly lower waste space volume as compared to a traditional BD luer connection.

Key Product Features

CE Mark Product is CE-marked
Detachable Needle Product has a detachable needle
Hub Color Blue
Hub Material Polypropylene
Hub Type Tru-Lok
Needle Gauge 23 G
Needle Gauge (m) 0.60 mm
Needle Length (in.) 1 in.
Needle Length (m) 25.40 mm
Needle Tip Type Regular
Needle Type Hypodermic
Needle Wall Type Regular
Pyrogen Free Product is pyrogen free
Syringe Tip Orientation Concentric
Syringe Tip Type Tru-Lok
Syringe Scale 0.2 mL graduations
Total Shelf Life 1825
Sterile Sterilized product
Safety Engineered Safety engineered product
Volumetric Accuracy +/- 5% *for 1ml or smaller,accuracy below 0.2ml is+/- 0.07ml
Safety Engineered Safety engineered product
Safety Engineered Feature Retractable needle
Sterilization Method Radiation
BPA Free Not made with BPA
DEHP Free Not made with DEHP
Latex Statement Not made with natural rubber latex
PVC Free Not made with PVC
Disposable Disposable product
Single Use Product is for single use only

The BD Integra Syringe combines innovative technology with the BD quality and comfort you trust

Tru-Lok Technology Helps to Lower Medication Waste

The BD Integra Syringe, with Tru-Lok technology, is designed to have significantly lower waste space volume as compared to a traditional BD luer connection. Less waste space can reduce drug wastage.

The BD Integra Syringe Advantage

BD PrecisionGlide Needle Technology

    • Designed for patient comfort
    • Leading brand of hypodermic needle technology in the U.S.

Tru-Lok Technology

    • Provides low waste space
    • Creates a secure connection

Detachable Needle

    • Allows clinicians to change needles for aspiration and administration

Safe, One-Handed Activation

    • Retracting needle disappears into the syringe barrel
    • Eliminates exposure to used needle
    • Requires virtually no change in technique

Activation Choice

    • Activates before or after needle is withdrawn from the patient
    • Complete dosing is ensured prior to activation

Important Usage Guidelines


  • If activation is performed before needle is withdrawn from patient, do not advance needle while depressing plunger rod.
  • If activation is performed after needle is withdrawn from patient, minimal splatter may occur. When activating the device outside of the patient, hold the device downward at arms length and activate while pointing away from self and others. Keep device within sight at all times to avoid accidental needlestick injury.
  • Do not use this product to draw blood or for venipuncture.
  • BD Integra needle and syringe do not have a standard luer connection. Conventional luer lock needles cannot be used with the BD Integra syringe.
  • When delivering highly viscous medications, use a 22G or 21G BD Integra retracting needle, and inject at a controlled rate.
  • Follow your institutions protocol for aseptic technique and skin preparation.
  • Follow your institutions policy for safe disposal of all medical waste.

Product Packaging Information

Packaging Level Shelfpack Case Each
Quantity 100 400 1
Length 27.0 cm 398.78 mm
Width 20.0 cm 261.62 mm
Height 22.0 cm 411.48 mm
Weight 986.5 g 3.924 kg 9.865 g

Additional information

Weight 7.2 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 × 10.75 × 16 in




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