BD #363706 BD Microtainer® MAP Capillary Blood Collection Tube BX/50

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  • BD #363706

BD Microtainer® MAP Capillary Blood Collection Tube Hematology K2 EDTA Additive 13 X 75 mm 250 µL to 500 µL Lavender BD Microgard™ Closure Plastic Tube


  • BD Microtainer® MAP tubes are designed for the collection, transport and automated processing of skin puncture samples from infants, children, geriatric, oncology, and critical care patients
  • Draw volume of 250 to 500 µL
  • Mylar label
  • BD Microtainer® MAP consists of a specially designed 13×75 mm plastic tube with penetrable color-coded cap for automated processes
  • The tube has an integrated collector and markings to indicate fill volumes of 250µL, 375 µL, and 500 µL
  • The lavender color cap indicates K2 EDTA, which is spray-dried onto the interior surface of the tube