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Product Description:

BD 381112 – Catheter IV Angio 24 Gauge 3/4″ 200/CS

24 G x 0.75 in. (0.7 mm x 19 mm) BD Angiocath Peripheral Venous Catheter for Special Placement

BD Angiocath IV Catheter for Special Placement Procedures made of FEP Polymer. IV catheter has 24 G x 0.75″ size, it is sterile and latex-free, it is made of FEP polymer.

Made with the use of FEP polymer, the Catheters comprise a thinner wall structure ensuring optimal flow rates. The tapered tip design serves for the smooth Catheter insertion. Angiocath series Catheters are completely Latex and PVC free. These units come with luer-lok /luer slip hub type and B-type bevel.

  • It is sterile
  • Latex-free
  • 24 Gauge x 0.75″
  • Made of FEP polymer

BD Angiocath IV Catheter



ColorGaugeCatheter Length


Catheter ID


Catheter OD


Gravity Flow Rate


381112Yellow240.750.445 – 0.5210.699 – 0.72417

Key Product Features

Catheter Gauge24 G
Catheter Gauge (m)0.7 mm
Catheter ID (in.)0.445 – 0.521in.
Catheter Length (in.)0.75 in.
Catheter Length (m)19.05mm
Catheter MaterialFEP polymer
Catheter OD (in.)0.699 – 0.724in.
Flow Rate Gravity17 mL/min
Hub ColorYellow
Hub TypeLuer-Lok, luer slip
RadiopaqueRadiopaque product
Total Shelf Life1825
Type Of BevelB-bevel
CE MarkProduct is CE-marked
SterileSterilized product
Sterilization MethodEO
BPA FreeNot made with BPA
DEHP FreeNot made with DEHP
Latex StatementNot made with natural rubber latex
PVC FreeNot made with PVC
DisposableDisposable product
Single UseProduct is for single use only