BD #446255 Specimen Collection and Transport Kit BD Affirm™ BX/10

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Specimen Collection and Transport Kit BD Affirm™ VPIII 0.3 mL Collection Tube Sterile


  • Affirm™ VPIII Ambient Temperature Transport is a sterile ready-to-use system intended for the collection, transport and preservation of vaginal specimens for use only with the Affirm VPIII Microbial Identification Test
  • The Affirm VPIII AmbientTemperature Transport System (ATTS) should be used with those specimens where transport times are expected to exceed 1 hour at ambient temperature (15 – 30°C) or 4 hours at refrigerated temperatures (2 – 8°C)
  • Provides 72 hour ambient temperature transport and stability
  • The system has also been qualified for transport use at refrigerated conditions (2 to 8°C)
  • Use only vaginal fluid specimens from patients with symptoms of vaginitis/vaginosis
  • Contents: Sterile Swab, Sample Collection Tube and Cap, Dropper, Patient Label