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Get split-second protection for that single moment that could change your life

The BD Vacutainer push button blood collection set features a push button safety mechanism that instantly helps protect you against needlestick injury. Its in-vein activation reduces the risk of healthcare worker exposure to a contaminated needle, provides easy activation without patient discomfort and works well in high-risk environments.

It is also offered with a preattached holder to add convenience and help ensure OSHA single-use holder compliance.

Order NumberNeedle GaugeWing ColorTubing LengthConfigurationPackaging
36732423Light Blue12without luer200/Case

One-handed activation

The one-handed safety activation of the push button allows you to activate the safety mechanism while still attending to the patient and venipuncture site.


Preattached holders are compliant with the OSHA single-use mandate.

No compromise

The set provides easier, safer blood collection for the healthcare worker, with no compromise to patient care.

Instruction for Use

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 Peel back packaging at arrow so that the back end of the wing set is exposed.

1b. With thumb and middle finger, grasp the rear barrel of the wingset and remove from package. Be careful to avoid activating the button.

Never use a blood
collection set without a holder or
syringe attached. Assemble to
BD Vacutainer One Use Holder
or BD Syringe.

 With thumb and index finger, grasp
he wings together and access vein using standard needle insertion technique.

 If preferred by your institution,
the body of the device can be
held, instead of the wings,
during insertion.

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4.Proper access to the vein will be
indicated by the presence of flash
directly behind and below the button.

5a. The device is designed to be activated while the needle is still in the patients vein. Place your gauze pad or cotton ball on the venipuncture site. Allow gauze pad or cotton ball to cover nose of front barrel. Following the collection procedure, and while the needle is still in the vein, grasp the body with the thumb and middle finger. Activate the button with the tip of the index finger.

5b.To ensure complete and immediate
needle retraction,
keep fingers and hands away from the place where back end of the blood collection set meets the tubing

6. Apply pressure to the venipuncture
site in accordance with your facilitys
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7.Confirm that the needle is in the
shielded position prior to disposal.
8. Discard the entire shielded blood
collection set and holder into an
approved sharps disposal container.