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BD Vacutainer® 368607 Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needle BX 48


BD Vacutainer Eclipse Blood Collection Needle

368607 – BD Vacutainer Eclipse Blood Collection Needle, 21 G x 1.25 in. Green Shield.

Improve Safety and Efficiently Collect Blood

Needle Eclipse Blood Collection 21X1.25 480/Cs

An effective way to collection blood and help reduce the possibility of accidental needlesticks, allowing for a one-handed activiation technique.

It can happen in the blink of an eye. That is all it takes for an accidental needlestick injury to occur. BD Eclipse needles provide immediate protection at the puncture site. It is a fact that 61% of injuries occur within seconds after a device is removed from the vein.The BD Vacutainer Eclipse blood collection needle minimizes the risk by featuring immediate one-handed activation at the puncture site.


The needle provides a simple, effective way to collect blood, helps reduce the possibility of accidental needlesticks and features one-handed activation technique.

Preattached holder option

This product combines the easy-to-use BD Vacutainer Eclipse needle with the added convenience of a single-use holder. This increases OSHA single-use holder compliance and provides you with an efficient means of collecting blood.