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BIOPATCH Biofreeze Large Patch 5ct

Product Description:

  • Menthol topical pain relief: Contains menthol, which creates a cooling sensation to temporarily relieve pain.
  • Large patches: 5.5 inches x 3.94 inches (14 cm x 10 cm) to cover larger areas of pain.
  • Flexible fabric: Comfortable and conforms to the body for better movement.
  • Long-lasting pain relief: Up to 8 hours of pain relief per patch.
  • Targets sore muscles, backaches, and joint pain.
  • Drug-free and non-prescription.


    • May help relieve pain without the use of drugs.
    • Large size covers larger areas of discomfort.
    • Flexible design allows for movement and activity.
    • Long-lasting pain relief can help throughout the day.
    • May be suitable for people with allergies to oral pain relievers.