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Product Description:

  • Samurai: This name likely indicates the guidewire’s overall performance characteristics, potentially signifying strength, precision, and maneuverability.
  • H749393023000: This specific code likely refers to:
    • 23: Tip configuration (e.g., straight, angled, floppy) – cannot be confirmed without further information.
    • 000: Length of the guidewire – likely a standard length (e.g., 190cm) but could be shorter or longer depending on specific model variations.
  • Nitinol core: Provides enhanced kink resistance, pushability, and torque control for optimal guidewire navigation and stability.
  • Hydrophilic coating: Ensures smooth catheter tracking and minimizes friction within the vasculature.
  • Radiopaque markers: Facilitate accurate guidewire positioning under fluoroscopy (X-ray imaging) during the procedure.


The BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Samurai H749393023000 is a versatile and potentially high-performance guidewire designed for navigating complex vascular anatomy and supporting successful interventions. Its nitinol construction, hydrophilic coating, and radiopaque markers contribute to improved procedural efficiency and potentially better outcomes for patients.