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Product Description:

  • V-14 Control Wire: Indicates a 0.014-inch (0.36 mm) diameter wire, suitable for navigating smaller arteries in the legs.
  • H74939216918220: This specific code likely refers to:
    • 918: Long taper design for optimal rail support and stability during catheter delivery.
    • 220: Angled tip configuration for improved maneuverability and easier crossing of complex lesions.
  • Scitanium® Core: Provides enhanced torque control and pushability for precise catheter placement and lesion access.
  • Polymer sleeve with ICE™ Hydrophilic Coating: Ensures smooth tracking and atraumatic navigation within the vasculature.
  • 2 cm radiopaque tip: Offers clear visibility under fluoroscopy (X-ray imaging) for accurate wire positioning.


The BOSTON SCIENTIFIC V-14 Control Wire H74939216918220 is a specialized guidewire designed for optimal performance in lower limb interventions. Its small diameter, long taper design, angled tip, and advanced features contribute to safe and effective navigation through challenging lesions and facilitate successful revascularization procedures.