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BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Clear Renal Sheath M0062601600

Product Description:

  • Clear material: Allows for visualization of the nephrostomy tract and any surrounding calculi (stones), potentially aiding in accurate instrument placement and minimizing the risk of complications.
  • Highly radiopaque gold marker band at the distal tip: Ensures clear visibility under fluoroscopy (X-ray imaging) during the procedure.
  • Notch at proximal end: Helps secure the guidewire used for catheter advancement.
  • Tapered tip: Offers atraumatic insertion and ease of advancement over dilators or balloons.
  • 34F OD (outer diameter), 30F ID (inner diameter), 17cm length: Suitable for access to most adult kidneys and compatible with various instruments.


The BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Clear Renal Sheath M0062601600 is a versatile and user-friendly option for renal access in various urological procedures. Its clear material, radiopaque marker, and convenient features contribute to improved procedural efficiency and potentially better outcomes for patients.