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Product Description:

  • Complex Helical design: Same tightly coiled, three-dimensional structure for effective vessel occlusion.
  • 18 gauge (0.035 inch) wire diameter: Same as M0013120550, suitable for accessing various medium-sized blood vessels.
  • Maximum diameter and length: This is where the potential difference lies. While the M0013120550 has an 8mm maximum diameter and 50mm length, the M001312077 might have a different combination of these dimensions. It could be:
    • Larger diameter (e.g., 10mm) and shorter length (e.g., 40mm): Suitable for larger vessels but offering less embolic capacity.
    • Smaller diameter (e.g., 6mm) and longer length (e.g., 60mm): Suitable for smaller vessels but offering more embolic capacity.
  • Platinum construction and fibered design: Same as M0013120550, ensuring radiopacity, biocompatibility, and rapid blood clot trapping.


The BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Complex Helical-18 M001312077 is likely a close variant of the M0013120550, differing primarily in its maximum diameter and length. Both coils offer similar functionality and features for embolization procedures.