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Product Description:


  • Expo AR2:
    • Expo: Likely refers to the balloon platform, potentially known for its high expansion capability and deliverability.
    • AR2: Might indicate a rapid inflation (AR) technology for faster procedure times.
  • H74908641861: This specific code likely refers to:
    • 086: Balloon diameter of 6mm, suitable for treating various peripheral vessel sizes.
    • 41: Balloon length of 4cm, allowing for targeted stenosis dilation.
    • 861: Other features like low profile design (potentially for easier catheter navigation) or specific tip configuration (e.g., tapered) cannot be confirmed without further information.
  • Nitinol stent delivery system: Enables precise placement and deployment of a pre-crimped stent within the balloon for vessel wall support and sustained lumen patency.
  • Hydrophilic coating: Ensures smooth catheter tracking and minimizes friction within the vasculature.
  • Radiopaque markers: Facilitate accurate catheter positioning under fluoroscopy (X-ray imaging) during the procedure.


The BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Expo AR2 H74908641861 is a versatile balloon catheter designed for efficient angioplasty and stent placement in peripheral arteries. Its rapid inflation technology, suitable balloon size and length, and integrated stent delivery system contribute to shorter procedure times, improved outcomes, and potentially enhanced patient comfort.