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Product Description:

  • Material: Likely made of plastic or biocompatible metal, depending on the specific model within the H74939032701010 range.
  • Fully covered: The stent has a full covering to provide optimal bile duct support and prevent tissue ingrowth.
  • Self-expanding: The stent expands within the bile duct to conform to its shape and provide effective drainage.
  • Nitinol delivery system: May utilize a nitinol delivery system for precise placement and deployment within the bile duct.
  • Benefits:

    • Minimally invasive: Avoids the need for open surgery for bile duct procedures.
    • Effective drainage: Keeps bile ducts open and promotes efficient bile flow, alleviating symptoms like jaundice and pain.
    • Variety of options: Available in different sizes and lengths to cater to various anatomical needs.
    • Self-expanding: Conforms to the bile duct shape for optimal support and drainage.