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Cardinal 1180600777 General Purpose Syringe Monoject™ 6 mL Luer Lock Tip Without Safety

Product Description:

Luer Lock Soft Pack Syringe is easy to activate as well as requires little to no training to use. You need tools whose design puts both you and your patients at ease. The polypropylene barrel features bold graduations in order to make it easy to read. Both the piston and the barrel do not contain natural rubber latex. All Monoject syringes are designed to reduce the risk of exposure as well as comply with OSHA regulations. Lifeline Medical offers many variations to this syringe in both size and tips.

Features and Benefits:

  • -Polypropylene barrel as well as a plunger rod
  • -Not manufactured with DEHP or natural rubber latex
  • -Sterile, individually packaged without needle
  • -Bold graduations
  • -Disposable
  • -Not made with natural rubber latex
  • -Case of 400 syringes