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The ConMed VCare DX Plus Manipulator (#60-6080-000A / 8 per Case) is a uterine manipulator which provides excellent control of the uterus without distention of vaginal fornices. It is ideal for tubal ligation, myomectomies, diagnostic laparoscopy, and the treatment of endometriosis.


ConMed VCare DX Plus Manipulator Features


  • Maintains pneumoperitoneum throughout entire procedures.
  • Natural curved shaft conforms to the patient’s anatomy for easier insertion and better exposure.
  • Gradation marks provide visual reference which helps maintain proper depth of insertion.
  • Proximal occluder back cup locks its position to secure the forward cup and prevents loss of pneumoperitoneum.
  • Easy to use fully assembled device reduces surgical prep time.
  • Allows for suturing of the cup for improved stability of the uterus.
  • 10 cc inflatable balloon reduces risk of uterine perforation by anchoring the uterus and stabilizing the shaft within the uterine cavity.