ConMed GoldVac Push Button Smoke Evacuation Pencil 10/CS


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The ConMed GoldVac Push Button Smoke Evacuation Pencil (10 per Case) includes 11 mm Tubing and a 1″ UltraClean Blade, and comes individually packaged.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration.

The GoldVac Push Button Pencil allows the surgeon to position the smoke elimination tube anywhere along the active electrode (up to 6″). The tube can be positioned near the electrode tip for maximum smoke removal, or farther back for maximum accessibility and visibility.The hand control pencil is designed specifically for procedures and applications where accessibility and visibility are required in deep or narrow spaces, such as Mastectomies, Lymphatic node dissections, ENT, Cardiac, Thoracic, and Orthopedic procedures.


ConMed GoldVac Push Button Smoke Evacuation Pencil Features

  • Single Use.
  • Sterile.
  • Low profile for ergonomic comfort.
  • Design provides comparable flow to larger size tubing using smaller diameter, lighter tubing.
  • Smaller diameter tubing takes up less shelf space.
  • Cord set housed within the tubing (for 3″) to eliminate clutter at the surgical site.
  • Swivel allows the tubing to rotate for maximum range of motion in wrist (to prevent fatigue and discomfort).
  • Extendable smoke tube to 6″.
  • Plastic drape clip to relieve the pull from tubing.
  • Also compatible with 4″ and 6″ extended tip electrodes (sold separately).
  • Cost effective surgical smoke elimination.
  • Adapters available for use with most smoke evacuation systems.
  • Connects directly onto the AER Defense FilterOne.


ConMed GoldVac Push Button Smoke Evacuation Pencil Configurations

  • CNM-60-7510-005: 10′ of 11 mm Tubing.
  • CNM-60-7570-005: 15′ of 11 mm Tubing.

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CNM-60-7510-005: 10' of 11 mm Tubing, CNM-60-7570-005: 15' of 11 mm Tubing




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