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Product Description:

  • Easy to use: The meter is very easy to use, even for people who are not very tech-savvy. It has a large, clear display and simple controls.
  • Accurate: The meter is very accurate, meeting or exceeding Health Canada recognized industry standards.
  • smartLIGHT® feature: This feature uses colored lights to let you know if your blood sugar is in your target range, above your target range, or below your target range.
  • Second-Chance® Sampling technology: This technology allows you to add more blood to the same test strip if you don’t get enough blood the first time. This can help you save money on test strips.
  • CONTOUR®DIABETES app: The meter can connect to the free CONTOUR®DIABETES app, which allows you to track your blood sugar levels, set reminders, and share your data with your doctor.