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  • 2 HOURS OF PROTECTION and creates a long lasting breathable barrier on the skin that reduces the risk of skin damage and irritaion caused by body waste, enzymes, and adhesives
  • DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED AND STING FREE Safe, effective, skin-friendly option for ostomates with sensitive or easily irritated peristomal skin, even with frequent use
  • 100% SILICONE-BASED The protective silicone barrier bonds gently to the skin surface to create a fine, durable, protective silicone film
  • EASY TO USE 1. Shake well before use. Clean and dry the skin 2. Hold 4 inches from the area to be treated and apply a uniform coating in a sweeping motion. 3. Ensure the area is completely dry before applying adhesive products such as ostomy appliances or dressings 4. Replace at every dressing or appliance change to maintain complete protection