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Product Description:


  • Beacon Tip technology: This technology incorporates a radiopaque marker at the tip of the catheter for enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy, aiding in precise catheter placement and navigation.
  • Torcon NB Advantage Catheter: This catheter design likely offers features like smooth glide, kink resistance, and atraumatic tip for improved maneuverability and patient comfort.
  • 5.0 Fr: The catheter has a French size of 5.0, indicating its diameter suitable for navigating through specific vasculature.
  • 0.038 inch guidewire: The catheter is compatible with 0.038 inch guidewires, commonly used in interventional radiology procedures.
  • 80 cm length: The 80 cm length provides sufficient reach for accessing targeted anatomy depending on the specific procedure.

Additional Information:

  • The G09312 is part of a broader range of COOK MEDICAL Beacon Tip catheters available in various configurations and sizes to cater to different interventional radiology needs.
  • Due to the specific nature of medical devices, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional for accurate information and guidance regarding the G09312 catheter’s suitability for specific procedures and patients.