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Product Description:

  • Components: The system consists of two main components:

    • Rumi Uterine Manipulator Handle: This reusable handle provides a grip for the surgeon and attaches to the:
    • Rumi Uterine Manipulator Tip: This single-use sterile tip comes in six different sizes and features a soft, flexible distal end to atraumatically grasp the cervix. The tip also has an inflatable balloon that can be filled with saline to provide additional stability and traction.
  • Benefits:

    • Minimally invasive: The Rumi System allows surgeons to perform uterine manipulation through small incisions, reducing tissue trauma and scarring compared to traditional open surgery.
    • Improved visibility: The system provides excellent exposure of the uterus, aiding in precise surgical maneuvers.
    • Enhanced control: The atraumatic tip and inflatable balloon offer secure and gentle uterine manipulation, improving surgical efficiency and potentially reducing complications.
    • Versatility: The six different tip sizes cater to various patient anatomies.