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Product Description:


  • Warming Hub: Heats the anti-fogging and cleaning solution in 5 minutes, cleans the scope in 5 seconds, and stays warm for 5 hours.
  • Micro Pad: Designed to capture excess solution after scope cleaning.
  • Trocar Wipe: Fits trocars 5mm and up for cleaning trocars.
  • Microfiber cloths: Used for drying the scope.
  • Converter for 3-5mm scopes: Allows the system to accommodate a wider range of scopes.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates Fogging: The combination of heat and a powerful anti-fogging solution works faster than traditional methods like hot water or anti-fogging agents alone.
  • Improved Visualization: Clearer visualization can lead to improved surgical performance and potentially, shorter surgery times and better patient outcomes.
  • Easy to Use: The system is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, minimizing workflow disruption in the operating room.
  • Single-Use: Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination associated with reusable systems.