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Covidien 775100 – Kangaroo ePump Safety Screw Spike with 1000 mL Flush Bag, 30/CS

Kangaroo Feeding Sets for use with Safety Screw Spike.

  • Covidien provides a safety spike compatible with the Nestle SpikeRight system.
  • The new enteral-specific SpikeRight* port is threaded and connects with screw-top enteral spike sets.

Kangaroo ePump Safety Spike Feed and 1000 mL Flush Set – Non-Sterile. Offers programmed flushing intervals, eliminating the need to manually flush tubes and sets, and allowing for hydration and nutrition-programmed delivery. Kangaroo ePump sets protects the patients from any adverse side effects associated with DEHP.

This ePump Safety Spike Feed and 1000 mL Flush Set is required for the new Safety Screw caps that have been introduced by Abbott and Nestle for Ready to Hang Formulas.