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Covidien VLOCL0614 – SUTURE, VLOC 180 ABS 3-0 GR 9 V-20, 12/BX


V-Loc Wound Closure Device

The V-Loc wound closure device is a revolutionary barbing technology that closes wounds securely without the need to tie knots. V-Loc devices utilize a dual-angle-cut which creates a superior anchoring barb while optimizing the strands integrity. This guide showcases the available sizes with all applicable needles.

  • Its dual-angle barbs allow suture to pass smoothly through tissue in one direction – but prevent it from slipping back through soft tissue.
  • The barbs hold wound surfaces together and distribute tension along the entire length of the suture, without needing knots to secure the wound.
  • Designed for secure, fast, and effective incision closure for your patients.

The V-Loc Device incorporates an enabling technology that facilitates a smooth closing experience by closing incisions up to 50% faster without compromising strength or security.

TAPER POINT- V-LOC 180 – 1/2 Circle, 26mm, V-20, 3-0, 2, 30cm, Green

Item No. USP Metric Length Color Qty
VLOCL0614 3-0 2 12″ Green 12


Tensile Strength: 7 days, 80%; 14 days, 75%; 21 days, 65%
Absorption Profile: 180 days
Procedural Applications: Soft tissue approximation where support is required consistent with the absorption profile
Composition: Copolymer of glycolic acid and trimethylene carbonate
Sterilization: Ethylene oxide
Indications: V-Loc 90 and V-Loc 180 absorbable wound closure devices are indicated for soft tissue approximation where use of an absorbable suture is appropriate.

V-Loc Device…The Secure Advantage

The V-Loc device provides greater strength and security compared to the Stratafix Spiral barbing technology. The unique dual angle cut and barbing pattern of the V-Loc device creates the optimal barbing technology, which is backed by four years of clinical experience and supported by level one evidence.

V-Loc Device vs. Conventional Suture


V-Loc Device

  • Unidirectional barb design distributes tension across the wound
  • Circumferential barbs anchor tissue at numerous points
  • Close dermal wounds up to 50% faster2
  • Eliminates the need for knots, which:
    • Have the largest density of implanted foreign material
    • Are the weakest point of the suture closure
    • Cause knot related complications
Conventional Suture
  • Security dependent on knot integrity
  • Closure & tension must be maintained through the use of a third hand
  • Requires knots which may spit or cause pain
For every two knots in a conventional suture, V-Loc device offers 1,220 fixation points.



The V-Loc Device Advantage


  • Has approximately 20 unidirectional barbs per cm which precisely grasp the tissue at numerous points
  • Provides distribution of tension along the wound
  • Comparable in tensile strength to standard suture during the critical wound healing period


  • Reduced total dermal closure time by over 20 minutes and suture usage from six to two strands in breast and abdominal cases when deep dermal sutures were not used.
  • In a randomized study, 34% reduction in uterine wall closure time in Lap Myomectomy when compared to traditional suture.
  • Eliminates time consuming and tedious knot tying
  • Eliminates the need for a third hand to maintain tension on the suture line; tissue remains approximated without recoil.


  • In a prospective study, significant reduction in overall complications in DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction when compared to traditional suture.
  • Reduction in dermal closure time by over 35% or 12 mins in abdominoplasty.
  • In a randomized study, 33% less blood loss and 43% less surgical difficulty in lap myomectomy.
  • Potential to reduce knot related complications.


Laparoscopy: Clinical Benefits In Myomectomy

The transition from an open to laparoscopic approach has introduced the difficulty of laparoscopic suturing. When considerations for blood loss and hemostasis are added, the need for faster, more secure suture lines become readily apparent.

In a prospective study, when compared to traditional suture, V-Loc device provides:

  • 34% reduction in the time required to repair the uterine wall defect4
  • 43% reduction in surgical difficulty
  • 33% less blood loss4
  • Elimination of need for a third hand to maintain tension on the suture line
  • Potential savings of $235 per case


Using The V-Loc Device

This step-by-step guide shows how the V-Loc device can be used for secure dermal wound closure with little or no adjustment to the surgeons technique.