DYNJ03108LF Novaplus Laceration Trays with Floor-Grade Instruments


  • Fenestrated Drape Included Or Fenestrated Drape
  • HPIS Code 511_240_0_0
  • Latex Free Yes
  • Lidded Or Csr Wrap Csr Wrap
  • Mosquito Forceps Included Yes
  • Scissors Included Iris Scissor Straight
  • Type of Adson Forcep Adson 1×2 Teeth
  • UNSPSC 42312014


Laceration Trays with Floor-Grade Instruments

With our proprietary design no-snag needle holders, these laceration trays will help save your facility both time and money. All the necessary components conveniently assembled in a compact, sterile package to help you maximize efficiency in the exam room. Available in a variety of configurations, all include floor-grade instruments.

Tray Includes

Tray Included with Fenestrated Drape

Paper drapes with a repellent inner layer that help prevent moisture strike through.A fenestrated drape is used during a procedure (usually sterile) to cover everything but the exposed part to perform the procedure on. You can visualize the body part thru the fenestration (opening).

A fenestrated dressing is used a lot when doing dressing changes. It’s very porus material much like thick paper towel and has a backing on one side that will not let the liquids leak thru. Many wound care products have a fenestrated dressing to allow the exudate from the wound to flow thru the tiny pores and therefore keep the wound bed from being saturated.