Easy@home Single Panel Marijuana (THC) Drug Test Kit, 12 Pack


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The Easy@home 12-Pack Marijuana THC Instant Drug Test Kit, 12 Tests, EDTH-114-12 makes it easy for you to detect substance abuse. You can use it to test your children, employees or students. This single drug screen test is suitable for use by law enforcement officials. It’s designed to determine if there is THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.
You get the results in just a few minutes so there’s no waiting or sending out for a review. This product is designed according to the same scientific principles as laboratory tests. The single drug screen test is approved for use by the FDA and also meets SAMSHA standards. The subject doesn’t have to cut their hair for this type of test; they only have to provide a urine sample. One bar at the “C” level means positive, two bars means negative and other results mean invalid.