368607 BD Vacutainer® Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needle, 21 G x 1.25 in. green shield.

The BD Vacutainer® Eclipse™ blood collection needle is a safety-engineered, multisample blood collection needle that offers a simple, effective way to collect blood while reducing the possibility of needlestick injuries. It features a safety shield that allows for one-handed activation to cover the needle immediately upon withdrawal from the vein and confirms proper activation with an audible click.

Sterilization Method

Gamma irradiation

Needle Gauge

21 G

Needle Length

1 1/4 in.

With or Without Luer


Needle Tip Type


Needle Type

Blood collection

Needle Wall Type

Thin wall

Safety Engineered

Safety engineered product

Safety Engineered Feature

Needlestick protection, Shielded needle