EXTRABULK3036 Ultrasorbs Premium Underpads Bulk

The hospital-quality Extrasorbs AP Drypads you love have a new name — Ultrasorbs Premium Underpads — and printed backsheet but nothing else has changed
Superabsorbent core absorbs fluid and odor quickly and is dry to the touch in minutes, helping to keep moisture away from fragile skin
Lies flat when wet without bunching, swelling or disintegrating
Ultrasoft, breathable materials for comfort and protection against friction and sheer
High-strength backsheet with AquaShield film resists tearing, helps prevent leaks and helps reduce full bed linen changes
Air-permeable for comfort and use with low air loss mattresses
How this Ultrasorbs Underpad compares to other Ultrasorbs: our most basic Ultrasorbs, for skin at risk of damage caused by prolonged exposure to moisture, standard core, no weight rating
30 x 36 inch
Case of 70 underpads (bulk packaging)