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Product Description:

  • lood Glucose Meter: The meter itself measures your blood sugar level from a small blood sample drawn from your fingertip.
  • Test Strips: The kit includes a number of test strips (amount varies depending on the specific kit). These strips are disposable and used to collect the blood sample.
  • Lancet Device: This device (might be disposable or reusable) pricks your finger to draw a small amount of blood.
  • Control Solution: A solution with a predetermined blood sugar level used to verify the accuracy of your meter readings occasionally.
  • Fast Results: The Glucocard Vital boasts results in as little as 7 seconds.
  • Memory Function: Stores readings for easy tracking (capacity varies depending on the specific model).
  • Easy to Use: Designed for simple use at home.


  • Blood Sugar Monitoring: This kit allows you to conveniently monitor your blood sugar levels at home without needing to visit a healthcare professional every time.
  • Fast and Easy: Results are quick (7 seconds) and the kit is designed for ease of use.
  • Memory Function: Helps you track your blood sugar readings over time.